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Soul portrait

Suzannart also offers to paint you True Self, who you really are beyond the veil. A portrait of you energy as I see it. This portrait goes beyond who you are on this plane of existence in this incarnation ; it encompasses your soul as a whole. Some people call it the Higher Self. When we incarnate on this planet, we don’t bring all that we are with us. The soul chooses specific personality traits, gifts and abilities that are best suited for what we have to do for each specific incarnation. The soul portrait is therefore the big picture of who you are.

Since a few years, when I went on a trip during which my higher heart chakra (Thymus chakra) open and was activated. After this life changing experience, I started to telepathically receive random images composed of different colours, shapes, sacred geometry and symbols. But they were not just random : They were the portrait of different energies form people around me, places I was at or the visual interpretation of specific energy vibes that wanted to enter our plane of existence. Since then, when I meet a person, I receive these images, specific to each individual. These images are present in my mind and are “in the way” if I might say, until I sit with my paint and brushes to transpose them on canvas. Once they are painted, the images leave my mind and I can move on. So after being a painter and an art teacher for many years, I upgraded my style to something we now call Visionary art.

Have you ever meet with someone and have a funny feeling like you know them already? Or that this person is somehow special? I have always been in tune with those feeling around people and this gift got upgraded to the point where I literally “see” these vibes. Mind me, I don’t see auras per se, but I guess we could say I see through my mind’s eyes, my Third eye.

How does it work?

If you would like to get your own soul portrait, we first get in touch. We can communicate through Messenger on my Facebook Page :

In order for me to attune and connect to your energy, I look at a few pictures of you, mostly the ones that allow me to see your eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. For me, it is true. You can also add a little bio of yourself, but it is not necessary. In a similar process to my personalized channeled jewelry, I quiet my mind to allow the information to come in. I’ve come to realize that this is a process, in a sense that I get some information, then I have to paint it to get to the next step. So it may take some weeks to finish the painting.

More than just a portrait: a soul map with activations

After creating a few soul portait for people, I realized they do more than just “portray” a soul. They are a sort of activation for the specific individual. They are infused with the right energies that will guide you on your path and help you move in whatever direction you need to go. The infusion happens during the painting process and the action itself. This is not only the design that comes through me to be put in the painting. High vibration energies come through and are specific for each person. If someone is in need of healing, these particular healing energies they need will be coming through and be put in the painting. If specific higher beings want to send you energies or have something to tell you, it will also come through. Or if you have angels, guides or souls working with you already, they will put their touch on the painting as well.

Light language and sacred geometry are all a big part of the soul portrait created. Light language is ancient and current languages from higher dimensions. They carry light and high vibrations, whether it is in written or spoken form. The logical mind cannot make sense of these words and symbols, but the soul understands and knows. Many artists are now doing personal activations for people with light language. They tune into the higher power and open up their intuition to receive the specific message for the person they have in mind and the put it into a piece of art. It is the same process for me.

Sacred geometry is a bit more well known nowadays. Forms like the Flower of life, Seed of life, Fibonacci spiral, Metatron’s cube, the Torus, Sri Yantra, etc. They all hold a specific vibration and a tremendous amount of information available for those who are open to receive it. It is said that Sacred geometry is the blueprint of our universe. We can see it allover in nature in the way plants grow (golden ration), the proportions of the human body, the shapes of galaxies and so on. Added to your soul portrait, these Sacred Geometry shapes are brought forth to activate those parts of you that were dormant until today. They can also give you new information that laugh you to reach a new level on your spiritual path. Your conscious mind may not make sense of all this, but you will integrate the information over time.

Prices and medium:

Each soul portrait is created on a professional canvas with quality acrylic paint. This ensure the design will not fade in the sun or be damaged by water. The prices vary depending of the size you want your portrait to be :

12 x 12 : $200

12 x 16 : $275

16 x 20 : $400

18 x 24 : $525

22 x 28 : $700

24 x 30 : $875

24 x 36 : $1075

30 x 40 : $1500

My pledge to you for your soul portrait:

Creating a soul portrait is not just painting on a canvas and painting a multidimensional being is no easy task. It is to bring into our place of existence the awe, complexity and uniqueness of what a soul is. The magnificence of your being that also holds a part of the Source is truly out of this world. To honor that, I put all my heart and my whole being in service to portraying your essence. To me, your soul portrait is to inspire you everyday and remind you of who you really are. To realize how sacred, powerful and beautiful you are to let your light shine bright in your everyday life. To realize you ARE love and to treat yourself as such.

People who have their soul portrait from me were very emotional when they received it. Most of them were seeing themselves for the first time! They also reported big leaps in their spiritual life with the activations and information infused in the painting itself.

If you would like more information about the soul portraits, I would be happy to chat with you via private message on my Facebook page :

Talk to you soon beautiful souls! 🙂

Suzanne xxx

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