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“Services” tattoo designs

Did you know Suzannart can make your dream design for THE tattoo you’ve been wanting? Whether it is a small, meaningful design or a full on sleeve, I can draw exactly what you want so you can walk into your favorite tattoo shop with something that 100% fits you. Tattoo design is one of my favorite thing to do because I get to connect with the person, discuss and create something that you are totally satisfied with. Nothing is too complicated, I got you covered if:

  • You want to complete an existing tattoo
  • You want to cover an old one that really annoys you
  • You want a very personal, meaningful tattoo with very specific ideas
  • You have a vague idea and want to chat with an artist to find this perfect design and get some suggestions
  • You want to add a new tat that can fit between existing ones (the measures will be right I make sure of that)

How does it work?

Clic on the “Contact” link and send me a message. You can also talk to me via Messenger through my Facebook Page :

Once we connect, we chat about what you want, your ideas and specifications. If you already have a few pictures, you can share them with me. If not, no problem, while you discuss your ideas, I search existing designs and take note of your feedback on them. Most of the times, online pictures can give a rough ideas, but you never find the perfect one, as many of us want a unique tat. Once I have a few pictures to work with and your recommendations on them, I start on the drawing table. I then send you pictures during the process so you can give me feedback on what to add/remove/tweak, etc.

How much and what do I get?

Once you are 100% satisfied, I send you a high quality picture so you can get to the tattoo shop right away. The price also include the shipping cost for the original drawing. That’s right,  you get a tattoo design PLUS an original Suzannart drawing on quality paper that you can hang on your wall. Fees are $35/hour, so it works about to $50 for a 5 x 7 drawing.

Suzannart style:

Light and shadows: I am a thorough artist and a good tattoo according to me is one that offers enough contrast to stand out. The balance of light and shadows is carefully thought in my tattoo designs. This helps to create a 3D effect on the different objects in your tat.

The “flow”: I also have a thing for the “flow”. Unless you want something straight, I tend to create smooth curves, including movement in my drawings. That allows the design to feel more natural and follow the shapes of the body.

Textures and details : A good tattoo is one that people recognize at first glance, not just by its shape, but by the texture of the different objects. Metals are smooth with reflections of light, just like glass. Fabric also has it’s own texture, depending if it is a light or a heavy one. Hair and feathers also have this specific texture. In my creations, there is no blob of ” what is this here?”. Mind me, it can be a bit tedious for your tattoo artist, but hey, you are the one wearing the tattoo for the rest of your life, so I think it’s worth the time and effort isn’t it?

If you would like more details about this tattoo design service, feel free to message me via the contact form or through Facebook. Below are some creations I’ve made. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂


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