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Tree of Life Dragonstone tear drop engraved cherrywood earrings


Inspired by spirituality and nature. The Wood jewelry collection is made with genuine gemstones and recyclaimed cherrywood on which spiritual symbols are engraved. These earrings feature the Tree of Life symbol. Natural 6mm Dragonstones create an accent and add their properties to the piece . To protect the wood, simply olive oil was applied. No dye or chemicals, these products are eco-friendly. The natural oil also brings up those rich color tones unique to the cherrywood. Lightweight and durable, these earrings are confortable for everyday life. 

Dimensions : 70 x 25mm


Tree of Life symbol : The Tree of Life is a well known and ancien symbol. In psychology, the tree represent the “Self”, who we are and how we see ourselves. It is a symbol of power and confidence. Wearing the Tree of Life symbol enables us to believe in ourselves and be reminded of our personal power. It can be very helpful for people who tend to put other people first or those who are having trouble to say no. This pendant will remind you that self care is of the utmost importance. One cannot pour from an empty cup. Recharge, ground, grow you roots to become solid and expand towards the sky

Dragonstone is nicknamed the “warrior stone”. It gives courage, protection, vitality and confidence during challenges and helps those who have received many blows in life. Dragonstone makes you feel solid on your feet and centered in your being. A grounding stone, it allows you to walk with your head held high while feeling confident in your abilities. It conveys the motivation to overcome low vibrational emotions and to break negative thought cycles. Dragonstone also assists in breaking unhealthy habits. It is connected to the energy of the dragons, those guardians who protect the people and places with whom they are linked to. Connecting to their energies, asking for their permission first, gives us a surge of vitality, confidence and ancient wisdom. They will inspire you to live according to your heart and strive for good.

Cherrywood meaning : According to druidic and celtic tradition, Cherrywood teaches us the lessons of clearing the pain of the heart and relating to others in a compassionate manner. Cherrywood is the tree of the heart. It is imbued with the powers of making and doing achievement, and self-assertion over obstacles and critics. It is the pure energy of will and desire. The cherry fruit is magically linked to the root chakra and so to sex and birth: the life force of attraction and renewal. Cherry tree are very present in Japanese culture. As it blooms spectacularely during spring, it is therefore the symbol of renewal, beauty and magic. On the flipside, it teaches us how ephemeral things are in life and how to show gratitude for the beauty around, even though it’s just passing.

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