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Rutilated Quartz pendant confidence & manifestation


An intricate pendant made with the master manifester stone Rutilated Quartz or also called Angel hair Quartz. The silver plated wire has a protective coating that prevents tarnishing. Comes with a 20 inches chain.

Size : 2 x .75 inches

Rutilated Quartz : a stone that gives you energy when you feel drained or going through a difficult period. It primarily helps the Solar Plexus chakra, the center of personal power, self-confidence and will. Rutilated Quartz reminds us of our inner strength and prompts us to move forward with confidence. It brings us the magic that makes us believe in our dreams and the determination that they can come true.

Rutilated Quartz helps those who tend to procrastinate or hesitate to take action. This stone has a great power of manifestation. It will attract people and opportunities to you that will help you achieve your goals, multiplying the coincidences. Luck will be with you in your plans and you will feel that your life becomes easier. One can program this stone with specific intentions by placing an intention in the Quartz during meditation. The stone will then work with you for the fulfillment of your wishes.

Rutilated Quartz brings a wave of positivity that will help you overcome depression and let go of low vibration emotions. It helps to overcome fears and anxiety. With this renewed joy, creativity will flow into your being. The rutile, called angel hair, carries within it the Divine Gold ray energy. A powerful and uplifting healing energy that works on all bodies.

If you would like a different style or gemstone, you can reach me with the “contact” page or on my Facebook page :

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No plastic beads here. These are all genuine stones and crystals with nickel free materials.

I infuse each of my creations with specific goals/energies depending on the crystals respective properties. It makes the crystals more potent and harmonizes the different stones so they can work better together. You can then work consciously with your piece of jewelry to reach your personal goals or simply benefit from an extra help in your everyday life.

All the pieces are unique and if you have a particular design in mind or you want a specific stone, email me for a special order and it will be my pleasure to make you a custom piece of art you can wear.


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