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“Reach the Divine” original acrylic painting


Acrylic on canevas

30 x 40

“Reach the Divine” was such an experience! The lotus and Metatron’s cube are powerful symbols. After studying them for a while, I felt I could finally portray them on a painting. The journey started at around 7 pm. Then the world melted around me. Time was irrelevant. There was only the painting. It was as if my conscious mind backed off and something else took over. Something that knew EXACTLY all the brushstrokes, the hues of colors and the shapes for that painting. There was no doubt, no fear of screwing up. Everything was flowing. Then, I “came back” and look at the canvas like I could see it for the first time. My surprise was that I barely remembered painting this! Looking at the time, it was 1h30 am and I was starting to be tired. To this day, I am still not sure how to explain what happened : a trance? a deep meditation? Connection to my higher self or beings of other dimensions? But is that so important to know? To this day, “Reach the Divine” is the painting that stands out and catches people’s eye. Somehow, they can feel and have access to the space of bliss I was when I created this painting. There is not really a meaning to put into words for this creation. It just cannot be explain with words. It’s felt and something tells me that it is different for everyone.


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