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Original “Souls” painting


One of my first abstract painting. It was a breakthrough! It is also the first time an image was “stuck” in my head as I would say. Just like my brain picked up and uploaded an information out there. It is really the beginning of a beautiful journey that leads to visionary art. This painting depicts the meeting of two kindred souls, linked together through time and space. The shockwave that the first meeting creates in both of their life is visible at the bottom. They will never be the same person. Then, with the help of each other, these two souls grow in wisdom and spirituality, sometimes together, sometimes apart. As they reach enlightenment (the diamond faceted crystal at the top), they grow closer. Every time they meet, a spark is created, encouraging their spiritual growth and sending this vibration all across the Universe, for everyone to benefit from.


Acrylic on canevas

18 x 36 in

Glossy resin coating which enhance colours and protects the finish against dust, sunlight and damages.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 95 × 5 cm


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