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“Lonely Rose” original painting


Acrylic on canvas

Glitters and epoxy resin coating

16 x 20

“Lonely Rose” talks about a time where we feel alone. Where people we love are far away and hard to reach. Although, this is not a time where we devalue ourselves. The purple rose is blooming and offering all her beauty to the world. “Lonely Rose” portrays that feeling of being in a transition : change happened that will be for our best, but we cannot see that yet. A time where, at night, we cling to the past, forgetting how beautiful and capable we are.

This original painting, especially, stands out from any printed canvas or print you could acquire. The original has glitters and therefore has light effects no picture can ever capture. Besides that, there is also a protective epoxy resin coating that 1- protect the canvas and the design 2-Add depth and gives a glossy effect like no other photo paper can give. A wise choice for a piece of art.



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