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Landscape Agate Tree of Life Garnet stainless steel strength & self care


A unique hand made creation featuring the Tree of Life symbol on a Landscape Agate wrapped in stainless steel wire. The Tree of Life is enhanced with Garnet beads for extra grounding and energy. Durable and also hypoallergenic, stainless steel jewelry is recommended for those with sensitive skin. It will keep its shine throughout the years, no matter what you put your piece of jewelry through in your everyday life. Comes with a 20 inches stainless steel chain.

Dimension : 50 x 27mm

Landscape Agate (or Dendritic Agate): Works gently but deeply, bringing you help when you need it. You can feel the softness of this stone and its calming effects, in addition to an easing of your worries. It also helps you in stressful situations. You can rely on Agate to slow an overloaded mind and bring clarity.

One of the Landscape Agate’s specialties is to bring that feeling of abundance and wholeness into all aspects of your life. It encourages us to recognize and appreciate more what is already abundant, and to attract more of it (you can work consciously with your stone and ask it to help you in more specific aspects). Agate being balancing stones, this Landscape Agate will bring the less abundant areas of your life into balance.

Another specialty of Landscape Agate is to help in ground yourself and be more solid on your feet. Cultivating your roots is of the utmost importance if you are to master your life here on earth. When we are not sufficiently grounded, we tend to be more stressed and lose our footing in everyday life situations. Landscape Agate promotes this connection to nature and the earth. You will be able to access these revitalizing energies. 

Agate also brings harmony in our lives and in our being in all aspects. It is a stone that will soothe the emotional body. When we feel emotionally overwhelmed, we can rely on Agate to tone down the intensity of the emotions.

It is also a great tool for empathic people. If you tend to feel the emotions of others, Landscape Agate will help you discern what is yours and what is not. You will be better able to manage what is coming from your heart and better release those emotions. Especially for this type of Agate, you will find newfound stability in times of conflict and confusion. Landscape Agate helps those who are more easily destabilized to find that inner grounding when we are challenged. It will precisely ensure that the difficulties are seen as challenges instead of obstacles that are hard to overcome.

Tree of Life symbol : The Tree of Life is a well known and ancien symbol. In psychology, the tree represent the “Self”, who we are and how we see ourselves. It is a symbol of power and confidence. Wearing the Tree of Life symbol enables us to believe in ourselves and be reminded of our personal power. It can be very helpful for people who tend to put other people first or those who are having trouble to say no. This pendant will remind you that self care is of the utmost importance. One cannot pour from an empty cup. Recharge, ground, grow you roots to become solid and expand towards the sky.

Red Garnet : Is well known for its grounding properties, healing and balancing the root chakra to nurture your connexion with the earth. Grounded people stand in a crowd by their confident attitude and their stoicism during hard times. It seems like nothing can get to then as they go through life with passion and courage. Garnet will help you achieve this state of self confidence. This deep red stone will also bring passion in your life, giving you the will to achieve what it is you desire. Garnet erases moodiness and laziness by providing this passion for life. We cannot talk about Garnet without highlighting it’s attraction of love properties. It is said that wearing a garnet or having one beside your bed helps you find a good match and built a solid relationship with your partner. Finally, Garnet is said to heal melancholia. Capricorn birthstone.

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No plastic beads here. These are all genuine stones and crystals with nickel free materials.

I infuse each of my creations with specific goals/energies depending on the crystals respective properties. It makes the crystals more potent and harmonizes the different stones so they can work better together.  You can then work consciously with your piece of jewelry to reach your personal goals or simply benefit from an extra help in your everyday life.

All the pieces are unique and if you have a particular design in mind or you want a specific stone, email me for a special order and it will be my pleasure to make you a custom piece of art you can wear.

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