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Gemstone anklet love passion grounding Rose Quartz Garnet and Hematite

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The combination of stones are carefully chosen to attract love in your life. Mixing Rose Quartz with Garnet gives potent energies of love and passion. This anklet can also bring back passion in your relationship, especially with the energy of the Garnet. It is also a January birthstone and related to Capricorn zodiac sign.

Hematite and Garnet are two grounding stones that center ones energy. Adding some Rose Quartz has the effect of grounding a loving energy and strengthening the connection with Mother Earth.

This anklet can also be very useful if you tend to absorb other people’s negative energies. An Anklet with these stones will help you getting rid of these energies by sending them to the earth where they get transmuted. I personally use this anklet to do this little exercise when I feel overwhelmed:

1- Concentrate on your root chakra and imagine a vortex of red/pink that will connect to the earth. (This step is to ground yourself)

2- Imagine the heavy feeling or emotion you picked up going down this vortex and leaving your body to the centre of the earth. Feel the relief and the lightness in your body when this feeling leaves. Make sure you feel love instead of fear that this emotion could comeback to you.

3- Thank and send love to the Earth for helping you.

Hope this little ritual will help you 🙂


No plastic beads here. These are all genuine stones and crystals with nickel free materials.

I infuse each of my creations with specific goals/energies depending on the crystals respective properties. It makes the crystals more potent and harmonises the different stones so they can work better together.  You can then work consciously with your piece of jewelry to reach your personal goals or simply benefit from an extra help in your everyday life.

All the pieces are unique and if you have a particular design in mind or you want a specific stone, email me for a special order and it will be my pleasure to make you a custom piece of art you can wear.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 1 × 1 cm

1 review for Gemstone anklet love passion grounding Rose Quartz Garnet and Hematite

  1. Diane Mansfield (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful piece of wearable art, and Suzanne is a lovely person to work with. I can’t recommend it, or her, highly enough.

    • Teacher333

      Aw, thank you very much Diane for this beautiful comment! Hope your anklet serves you well 🙂

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