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Clear Smoky Quartz pendant necklace silver wire grounding & energy


A stunning and unique pendant that features a high quality tear drop Smoky quartz enhanced with 6mm Hematite and 4mm Onyx gemstones beads. The intricacies are created with a silver plated wire that is protected with a tarnish resistant coating. This protection will help keep the brillance of the precious metal. The pendant comes with a 925 silver chain, 20 inches long.

Dimension : 1.75 x 7/8 inches

Smoky quartz is well known for transmuting any negative energies you encounter during your day, dissolving it before it affects you. This stone is very helpful for grounding to the earth. Grounding is an important part of energy work. Before wanting to connect to higher realms, one has to make sure he is grounding properly. It will open your Earth star chakra and enhance your connection to Gaïa. Smoky quartz give a great energy boost to go through life events when you need to give a push.

Hematite : Helps to center, keep balance and feel solid on our feet. Provides courage, helps learning and inspires to be more organized in life. An “energy battery” , it gives you a boost when you need it. Hematite gives the assurance and confidence we need to manifest the reality that we want to create for ourselves.

Onyx: grounding, protection against low vibration energies, prevent psychic attack, transmute negative energies in our field, prevent our energy to be drained, creates a shield around us

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