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Carnelian Agate orange stainless steel creativity vitality & willpower


A unique hand made creation featuring a Carnelian beads stones wrapped in stainless steel wire. Durable and also hypoallergenic, stainless steel jewelry is recommended for those with sensitive skin. It will keep its shine throughout the years, no matter what you put your piece of jewelry through in your everyday life. Comes with a 20 inches stainless steel chain.

Dimension : 43 x 21mm

Carnelian : A stone that provides energy and vitality when we need it. It is mainly active on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Its effects on these chakras are revitalizing. It energetically charges these energy centers and removes blockages. If you tend to be tired or lack motivation, Carnelian will help you regain your positivism and your desire to move on.

It also serves to assist when doing the work to free oneself from karma, in this life and in previous lives. The pains and energy blockages that have been repressed are lodged in the lower chakras. A lot of times we think we have resolved a trauma, but it may have been pushed deeper into our being. These stagnant energies can get worse if left unaddressed. It is Carnelian’s role to help us dislodge these energies. It motivates and gives courage. It reminds us of our strengths, skills and how important and unique we are.

A boost of joy and energy accompanies this orange stone. It connects us with the creativity that is in us. This creativity that creates our dreams, ambitions and projects that we want to see manifest. You will feel like you know yourself better, which makes you unique. By réconciliateur yourself with your dreams and aspirations, Carnelian pushes us to take action to achieve our goals. New motivation will emerge and it will be easier to wake up in the morning, full of hope for the day that is beginning.

Finally, Carnelian can also help balance sexual energies. Whether it is related to trauma or false beliefs, Carnelian will ensure that your Sacred Chakra is healthy, as well as your intimate connections with those  you share this special intimate connection with.

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No plastic beads here. These are all genuine stones and crystals with nickel free materials.

I infuse each of my creations with specific goals/energies depending on the crystals respective properties. It makes the crystals more potent and harmonizes the different stones so they can work better together.  You can then work consciously with your piece of jewelry to reach your personal goals or simply benefit from an extra help in your everyday life.

All the pieces are unique and if you have a particular design in mind or you want a specific stone, email me for a special order and it will be my pleasure to make you a custom piece of art you can wear.


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