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Blue Apatite pendant silver wire intuition psychic gifts & communication


A stunning Blue-green Apatite gemstone set in silver plated wire. The wirework is kept simple in this simple, yet elegant unique creation. A clear tarnish-resistant coating protection covers the wire and prevent it from tarnishing.  Comes with a 925 silver chain.

Dimension : 2.25 x 0.75 inches

Apatite : is a stone with sublime colors and properties. It helps in the development of psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, visions, premonitory dreams, etc. By working to open and balance the throat and 3rd eye chakras, it brings intuition and a greater spiritual awareness. For people who channel, Apatite helps keep messages clear. It is also said that placing this stone under your pillow at night can provide creative solutions to problems in our lives, coming through dreams. Apatite helps greatly to open the 3rd eye.

When you hold the Apatite, you can feel a wave of calm washing over you, loosing you up and calming your mind. It reduces stress and anxiety. Apatite is a stone that cleanses the aura and “cleanse” the mind of unnecessary thoughts, helping you achieve peace of mind, especially during meditation. By making room in your mind, you will be more open to receiving wisdom from your Higher Self or any other guide that accompanies you. Meditating with Apatite will not only open you up spiritually, but will also balance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies for better overall health.

Apatite is a stone that promotes self-acceptance. Stone of mental clarity, it helps to perceive oneself as one is instead of seeing oneself through the distorted lenses of prejudices and society’s stereotypes. Apatite also has an uplifting effect that brings self-confidence and erase feelings of guilt. On the emotional level, this stone helps to get rid of past lives sorrows that has  bee carried in this life. Apatite lightens the heart and the mind. It is of great help to those who dare not speak for fear of being judged or ridiculed. Its action on the throat chakra helps us to express who we are with confidence and assertiveness.

On the physical level, Apatite helps the immune system, glands, while helping restoring vision.

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No plastic beads here. These are all genuine stones and crystals with nickel free materials

All the pieces are unique and if you have a particular design in mind or you want a specific stone, email me for a special order and it will be my pleasure to make you a custom piece of art you can wear.

I infuse my creations with positive energies and depending on the crystal respective properties. It makes the crystals more potent and harmonises the different stones so they can work better together. You can then work consciously with your piece of jewelry to reach your personal goals or simply benefit from an extra help in your everyday life. If you wish not to have your piece of jewelry infused, please notify me and I will respect your request. If you want me to infuse it with a specific goal/intention, notify me as well with your request.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 cm


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