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Personal channeled jewelry

Suzannart now offers a “personal channeled jewelry” service. Custom made jewelry with natural stones and crystals that represent your soul and essence. Channeling the information about which stones to use, the shape of design and ornaments that come from the “Source”. It will become more than just a piece of jewelry; a tool in your daily life that assists you on your life path and spiritual journey.


Select the stones and crystals:

To create your personal jewelry, I will connect to your energy using a photo. It is mostly by the looking into the eyes that I can “feel” and see your true self. It comes through as emotions, colors and geometric shapes. Once I feel that I have a good idea of who you really are, I ask my guides and angels to guide me for choosing stones that will assist you the best. Specific, unique stones and crystals come to my mind,  and their exact location in my workshop, sometimes they get lost and found again when they choose someone. With the stones comes an explanation of the natural intrinsic characteristics and why they are ideal for you.

  • Sometimes you need a combination of crystals that represent your soul, your Higher Self in order to remind you of who you really are. These stones that resonate with your soul, look like you and want to accompany you and inspire you to follow the path that lets you to the best version of yourself. Maybe you’re someone who inspires others by the way you live your life? Maybe you tend to forget about yourself? This piece of jewelry then becomes a reminder of what you are capable to accomplish, helps you in any lacking area of your life, improve health or many other things depending on what is needed at the time.
  • Sometimes, you need a combination of crystals to assist you in a particular situation you are experiencing. Whether it’s a temporary situation, or a life lesson that spreads throughout your life. This combination of crystals is the best fit to accompany you in your life. If you have trouble opening your heart because of past hurt (in this life or past lives), the most appropriate stones will come. If one or more of your chakras  are blocked, damaged or need attention, the specific stones will come. If you are vulnerable to low vibration energies, feel drained or tend to take energy from others , these stones can help you. Or, if you have to develop specific gifts and you are on the path of spiritual awakening, the right crystals will come. Your Personal channeled Jewelry will be your daily ally.

Creation of the pendant:

Once the stones are chosen, I ask to receive the design plan of the pendant that will be the most in harmony with the energies of the stones. I also ask to receive any symbols and light codes the person might needs. Light codes : light language is actually the language of the soul, a language used by beings from higher dimensions. People with the gift of light language can write it (symbols), draw it (Sacred Geometry), speak it or sing it. Light language is present in many of my creations (paintings, drawings) and in the form of symbols in the way the metal wire is wrapped to create ornaments in the pendants.

I make sure I am in a quiet place and a high vibrational state to create your personalized piece. Throughout the process, I infuse the material of the pendant with energies related to  the properties of stones (example : Green energies for healing, spiritual elevation, etc.). I do truly believe that I create more than a piece of jewelry ; this is a gift given by the Universe towards which I have the greatest respect. Sometimes I sing or speak in light language during creation.

Last energetic touch and shipping:

When finished, I charge the stones. Sometimes they want to spend a night in the moonlight, sometimes they want to be next to my Selenite crystal. I  stay open to their needs. Just before I prepare the package, I infuse the stones one last time with the help of guides, angels, welcoming any other being of light who wants come in to add his touch to your jewelry. I seal the energy so that the pendant remains charged throughout transport and includes a detailed text on the properties of the stones. Finally, I thank everyone and send my gratitude.

What is included:

The price for pendants goes between $ 45 and $ 80,  usually the majority of the pendants with common stones and crystals are around $ 50-60. When I know the stones to use, I can give you a more exact price. Each pendant comes with a 20 inch, 925 Silver chain. If you want a different length, we will discuss your needs and I will adjust your pendant accordingly. The price also includes shipping costs all across Canada =).

Quality of my products:

I use metal wires with a tarnish resistant coating, both for silver plated or copper wire. These wires do not react with people, who have sensitive skin or nickel intolerance because it does not contain any. The stones I select are natural and genuine. I make sure of their quality before buying them and I only buy from trusted suppliers.


I take this job seriously and every client is important to me. I believe that having a personalized piece of jewelry can really help people in their lives. Therefore, I strive to create a quality product infused with pure energies. If the Universe has given me the abilities to receive this information and energies, I feel obligated as its is my responsibility to channel these pieces of art, honestly creating, while putting all my heart into my creations.

How to order:

I will be happy to answer any questions and start this magical process with you. You can start by writing me on Facebook in private messaging (PM) page:, by email to or on Instagram @suzannart1
I can’t wait to create something special just for you 🙂
If you are curious or want more info, you can read about the science behind the crystals and a little history of my journey.
See you soon!

Suzanne Rivard

The science behind crystals:

In this day and age, we get to rediscover the properties of crystals and, with quantum physics, we start to scientifically be able to explain concepts known by the spiritual community for thousands of years. Crystals are proven to have the most stable vibration, given their molecular structure. These stable vibrations don’t get influenced by other vibrations around. This is why crystals are popular for their properties; they match our vibrations to their own and make us enjoy their properties.
Crystals each have their own vibration, hence their specific properties. Some stones are therefore more specialists in some areas than others. Finding the stone that can help us in some situations can have a positive impact on our life and assist us to get through difficulties, develop skills and clear old stagnant energies.

History of my gifts:

I’ve always been able to feel people’s energies and connect with their real essence by looking at their eyes. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. No mask or false pretend. For several years I have been working with crystals and I feel their specific energy. My art brought me to different spiritual circles and events for many years now. Throughout that time, I noticed dozens of synchronicities where I heard the name of a stone in my head or saw a stone while a person was at my table during festivals. Every time, it was the stone that the person chose. I later started creating custom jewelry for my family members. Arthritis? Alright, a bracelet with Amber, Malachite, Carnelian, Hematite and blue agate. Too much stress? A pendant in Amethyst, Apatite and Tanzanite. Little by little, I didn’t have to ask the person why she wanted a jewelry. The information was coming intuitively to me.

Then I was asked to make a pendant for someone I didn’t know. I was nervous. But using a photo, I was able to concentrate and connect to the person and feel his energy. And that’s when it changed. I created a pendant without even remembering creating it! A completely different design that was not my style and no idea how I I had make this pendant. Impossible to recreate it. I have to thank my cousin Marie-Julie Caouette for this opportunity. Thank you! When the person received it, she felt the energy and immediately connected closely with the piece of jewelry. I was the most surprised. A wave of love and gratitude came over me and that’s when I knew that’s what I want to do from now one.

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