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“Infinite” painting has found a new home!

The River City Art Festival had been a blast for me this year! Lots of people, friendly fellow vendors and many amazing discussion with sacred geometry and crystal fans! Thank you all of you for your kind words about my art, whether it was “great work”, “wow, you make all this?” “Great sacred geometry”, “stunning intricate work” and even “reminds me of the 60’s!”

The best part though was this awesome lady, coming to buy 2 prints and then coming back for an exchange… she gives back a print and buy a painting instead! A lovely woman and sacred geometry fan! I am so glad my painting found a home where it’s gonna be appreciated and honoured for it’s true meaning. Not because the colours “fits” the living room, but because “Infinite” is a window to ancient knowledge and perfect interpretation of the template of our universe. A beautiful moment that brought joy to 2 people today as shown on this picture!

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