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Crystals for Sunday and the Violet flame

Sunday is linked to the Violet flame, the flame of transmutation and purification. This strong and rejuvenating energy, when called upon, provides you and every cell, atoms of your body with a massive clearing. It helps releasing blockages, clear past trauma energies and help you make quantum leaps on your spiritual journey. I personally use this flame to clear my home and my energy after hard days and when I feel I have taken on negative energies from other people.
The crystals that convey the energies of that flame of purification are Amethyst and clear quartz. I infused each one of them with the violet flame, in the peaceful nature of the mid day sun by the ocean here on Vancouver Island.
Help pass the word around with the violet flame by commenting on your favorite pendant or post your own experience with the violet flame! 🙌🙏🔥💜💜

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