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“People should trust their instincts more when it comes to art,  travel in the paintings and let themselves go with the flow of any emotions that rises within them.”
Suzanne Rivard
I am a fine art teacher who always had been drawn to art as far as I can remember. Through school and extracurricular activities I’ve improved my art to what is now ranges from hyperrealism to abstract and visionary art.  The lighting effects on any objects and the way it can transform the environment around us always amazed me. Whether it is the reflection on a car or the bright hues of the leaves when the sun is passing through.
Lately, I’ve been focusing on visionary art using bright colours, glazes to create rays of light and, of couse, many Sacred geometry symbols. Painting is about expressing yourself, showing how you perceive the world around you and also a way that your soul express itself. Sacred geometry is all around us, the template on which the universe is built. It is this exchange of energy between every particles that makes everything we see. So for me, to venture beyond the physical way we perceive things and to try to represent the true essence of what’s around you, is the most exciting journey!